Shrink Wrapping

100% Off-Season Protection

Do you want a great option for protecting your boat during the off-season? We have an effective option for you… shrink wrapping. You have probably seen boats shrink wrapped, it’s hard to miss them, they look like the top of the boat is encased in a cocoon, which is actually a great analogy. A cocoon protects its occupant, and our boat shrink wrapping protects your boat when we store it for you during the off-season. This wonderful material sheds water, allows snow to slide off and helps keep unwanted pests from getting in.  Bird droppings? Not on your boat or on your seats and canvas! And don’t worry about chafing your gel coat or paint, the heat tensioning process keeps the material tight and stable even in high winds.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

  • Provides an all off-season waterproof barrier
  • Protects gel coat, canvas and upholstry
  • Keeps rodents and other pests out
  • UV inhibited resin gives the material strength and durability